Heritage Ranch



The Heritage Ranch community is located in Northern San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, California near the southeast shoreline of Lake Nacimiento in San Miguel. Near Paso Robles, it is a master planned community managed through the Heritage Ranch Owners Association (HROA), which was incorporated in 1972.


Physical Size

Heritage Ranch is a planned and gated community in Northern San Luis Obispo (SLO) County near Paso Robles in San Miguel. Encompassing approximately 9,250 total acres it has 13 subdivisions of various types ranging from mobile homes to acreage estates and totaling more than 1,700 residential units.


Number of Homes

Heritage Ranch encompasses approximately 9,150 total acres with 2,092 single-family residential lots presently developed and 5,100 acres of dedicated open space. Currently, there are sixteen (16) separate tracts developed with a total build-out projected at 2,900 private lots.


Parcel Range/Sizes

From low maintenance Condos to mobile homes, single family homes, and homes with ADU’s, you truly can find it all out at Heritage Ranch. There is a huge variety of property available. With lots from 6 ,ooo square feet to 20 acres with a sprawling home, barn and arena, Heritage Ranch’s master planned community offers a variety of properties to fit any lifestyle!


Family/Compound, Multigenerational

Multi-generational living is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. From cost savings to making it easier for childcare, or spending more time with aging parents, there are a lot of benefits to consider. Thinking of living in a multi-gen home or area? Heritage Ranch is a great option for many families, with many housing options to choose from from condos to cabins to luxury acreage homes. Whether all of the generations are in one big home, or the generations opting to live just down the road from each other, Heritage Ranch works for this purpose.

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